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About PixiTracker

No time to delve into the big and serious music apps?
PixiTracker is what you need! It is a simple and fun tool to quickly create musical sketches, chiptunes and sound experiments. Without requiring a lot of musical knowledge!

[ Key features ]
• true warm pixel interface;
• pattern-based sequencer (tracker) with high quality sampler;
• several packs with unique sounds;
• sound recorder;
• USB MIDI keyboard support (Android 6+);
• WAV export/import;
• export to XM - this file can be loaded by any modern music tracker/player (for example, SunVox);
• PixiTracker is also available for other systems (see the site);
• PixiTracker player is open source, so you can freely use it in your own Pixilang applications.

[ Known solutions for some problems ]

Out of all the free apps ive used, I finally pay just 3$ for This and its worth everycent. For as long as ive had this (probably about a year & a half now, something like that) ive been using the first 12 so...
Rox13 prod.
I love this app as well!!
Snotty Boy - Topics
It's Fun But i dont have much creativity.
Apple Dude