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About The UESO App

The unofficial essential companion app for The Elder Scrolls Online community.

Get locations to lorebooks and skyshards across Tamriel. Look inside the delves to see boss locations and more.

Find lore books, skyshards and delves, easily either using the region maps or our in-built search option.

This app does not use internet once downloaded.. So no more long load times or incorrect positions. All lorebooks locations come with a short description to help you locate those hard to find books.

We hope you enjoy and please leave a review!!

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Nexu Industries Australia
[email protected]

This is an unofficial application with no affiliations to ZeniMax or Bethesda.

This app is awesome
Stoned Simian
I love this app. Have been using it a couple of years now. Unfortunately it does need to be updated. I recently found out that the developers lost everything in the fires. Hope they can get it up and running...
Trudi Pettyjohn
Love it. Like that you can mark what you acheived
Linda Thompson