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About Montessori Activities

Kids learning in an exciting and engaging way!


As parents, we all want the best for our children. We want them to have an abundance of learning experiences that will help shape them for success as they grow older. Though, finding the right time, place, and activity for achieving this can be extremely difficult. Maria Montessori once discovered that children learn best when senses are engaged in an activity. We are here to help you do just this!

Introducing Montessori Activities - the activity app for kids that further progresses a child’s learning through activities and games aimed at engaging their senses and helping them grow! We give you the best examples of child activities and fun learning games that suit your child’s interests, provide learning experiences, and fit your schedule.


We want you to have fun with your kids while enhancing their practical lives by boosting confidence and independence. Our kids activities and fun learning games provide lessons that will keep your child’s mind growing while also being entertained. With Montessori Activities, you will find multiple categories of activities that focus on all key learning areas of Montessori. Each category and activity is well-thought out and serves a purpose. From the category you select, you can choose your child’s age range and the time you have available. From these three selections, we will provide examples of the best activities that suit all of your desires along with everything you need to ensure the activity is unforgettable!

Montessori Activities is here for your child to learn and to engage. We are here to give parents an abundance of activities with their kids that will help shape their future and give them everlasting memories.


Activities focusing on the key learning areas of Montessori:
-Free activity samples
-4 activity categories: Nature, everyday life, cultures and world, body and senses
-Unlimited Access to a category of your choice for just $0.99
-Unlimited Access to ALL categories for just $2.99
-Each category features fun activities for kids.
-Multiple options for duration including: 5 - 10 min, 15 – 30 min, 30 – 60 min, and 1 hr + to account for whatever time you have available.
-Activities specialized for select age groups: 2-3 yrs, 4-5 yrs, and 6-8 yrs
-Full details for each activity including: short description, what’s needed, what it encourages in the child, procedure, and additional information


The mind is best at a young age for growing and consuming knowledge. Montessori Activities is an app that will help further improve and sharpen your child’s learning experience. We know every child likes to learn differently, so we supply a wide-range of activities for different ages, categories of interest, and duration.

The next time you’re looking for fun activities to do with kids, we’ll be here to give you the best ideas and everything you need to give your children experiences they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Download Montessori Activities today and help your child shape their future!

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This is a nice little app that provides developmentally appropriate Montessori activities for you and your child. It's filled with practical and creative ideas that will allow your child to learn through obs...
Liv Ling
Great App
Karoly Aczel