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About Blooming - Gratitude Journal & Daily Affirmations

🙏 Change your inner world and your outer world will change. Your well-being is the most important thing; take time to discover yourself.

With Blooming you have access to a journal where not only can you write down gratitudes with pictures to illustrate them, but also memories, your daily check-up every night or your weekly bilan every weekend. You can also answer questions on a variety of topics such as personal development, spirituality or motivation.

Every day, in the Blooms section, new medias are available to help you rekindle the flame of inspiration you have deep inside you to realize all your projects and dreams. 🔥

Finally, fact sheets called Mementos are available to help you discover new concepts in personal development and spirituality. Don't hesitate to use these sheets and the associated PDFs.

This is your app, so don't hesitate to suggest ameliorations there: [email protected]


Journaling has a lot of benefits, so start this new habit today thanks to your new Gratitude Journal from Blooming.

📷 Add pictures to your journal entries
👌 Choose to write into different topic (Gratitude, Memory, General)
🔆 No idea what to write? Have a deep experience with interesting questions to help you to put words on what you are going trough.
📌 Pin some entries and keep them in the top of your list to have an easy access
📊 Access to complete statistics of all your writings.

So your diary is always with you. Don't miss a day to take notes, you will be grateful to read them in the future. It's easy to run a memoir with your own good memories.


Receive daily motivation in various forms: through a video, an action you can follow, an affirmation to repeat, a quote or a book to inspire and challenge your life in a positive way.

The daily quotes are from famous people such as Tony Robbins, Abraham Lincoln, Alan Watts, Neale Donald Walsch and also from Buddhism and others proverbs.

Motivation, inspiration, spirituality: baby steps that can help you achieve your dreams in life.
Start today with small and easy steps.
Blooming is there to guide you in this path of self-discovery.


🧲 If you have heard about the law of attraction, you can understand you have attracted this application in your life, if you don't, come to learn about it.

Personal development, spirituality, inspiration and motivation sheets are available to accompany you in your self-discovery.

Discover more about the Miracle Morning, Ho'oponopono, Law of Attraction, the mirror hours, the chakras, the Kundalini, the mirror hours and more topics related to self improvement.

On these Mementos you will find some references to The Secret, the Magic from Rhonda Byrne, The Power of the Moment Present from Eckhart Tolle, and many more amazing books, stories.


Your vibe will change very fast. You will see your life improving and abundance coming to you with the daily positives affirmations at your service. By being happy, thankful and grateful, you will attract more joy, love, happiness and peace for you and your environment.

You are not alone. The Universe, God, Life, the Source, ... call it as you wish, is always connected to your Soul. Guides, Angels and others lovely invisible force are always free to help you. Ask, believe and you will receive your desires.

Start your new incredible journey with us and in few weeks you will irradiate a new positive energy that will attract to you your dream life and you will definitely be happier.

Thank you. I love you. ❤️

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I love this app. Had before and forgot how much I needed it in my life.
Allie Field
The app's great! It's very simple to navigate around and to understand. The mementos really do help when you're only starting your journey in personal development. As someone who always forgets to do her dai...
Fiona Tibok
Simple and good. Love it
Hulda Waswa