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About CSEntry CSPro Data Entry

CSEntry collects data for surveys created by the free Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) suite of data processing tools. CSEntry is used for computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) on Android phones and tablets. For more information about CSPro please visit

CSEntry Features:
- Design, create, and test census and survey questionnaires using CSPro on Windows
- Collect data seamlessly on both Android and Windows platforms
- Display interactive maps in online and offline modes
- Automatically synchronize questionnaires and data using CSWeb, Bluetooth, Dropbox or FTP
- Export data to Excel, Stata, SPSS, and other formats
- Features designed for survey data collection:
- Skip patterns
- Robust error and consistency checking
- Rosters allow for blocks of repeating questions
- Use reference files for panel surveys
- Multiple language support
- Implement complex logic using the CSPro programming language

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