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About WeatherHub

The security-PLUS

Know what your house has been up - with the WeatherHub home surveillance system.

- Is the refrigerator set cold enough?
- Must the plant be watered?
- Can I leave the machine running unattended?

All these questions are answered in the future the WeatherHub home surveillance system in this convenient app in combination with a variety of wireless sensors for your home. You need to operate this App only the necessary hardware, consisting of a gateway and mind. A sensor of your choice (eg WeatherHub starter 31.4001.02).

About the wireless sensors with an Internet connection via your gateway, you can retrieve with WeatherHub all information from your world through your smartphone. Via push notification you will be alerted immediately when problems occur and can prevent greater damage as through specific action.

After you in the AppStore for free the app WeatherHub have downloaded, it is (plug and play) after installation for immediate use.

- A personal registration is not required.

- Now connect to the gateway to the power adapter and your router.

- Then insert batteries in the selected radio sensors.

- Open the app, scan the codes of the wireless sensors and you can retrieve all the data recorded with your smartphone and check the current status of your home - anytime, from anywhere.

- The self-explanatory graphical user interface of the app is intuitive and can be customized to suit your needs. Insert for each wireless sensor its own name, and set up a specific alarm limits.

The WeatherHub system is expandable with many other wireless sensors.

- The sensors permanently monitor the current data and report faults immediately to your smartphone (fully automatically and permanently free)

- You, as a user, set your own alarm limits a global query the data using your smartphone and this App effortless installation

Already available sensors:

- Cat.No. 30.3303.02 - temperature / humidity sensors, for example, for measuring the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse

- Cat.No. 30.3304.02 - temperature / humidity detector with an additional cable probe, for example, for measuring the temperature and humidity in your aquarium or terrarium

- Cat.No. 30.3305.02 - water detector, for example, reports if your washing machine leaks

- Cat.No. 30.3302.02 - temperature / humidity detector with an additional cable probe special feature of this sensor: extended measuring range of up to 110 degrees Celsius at a higher precision, extended history of the data, data is stored for 18 months in the SensorCloud and you can for further processing also Export (period of history of standard sensors = 90 days without export function).

- Cat.No. 30.3306.02 - rain gauge, to be always informed about the fallen rain locally

- Cat.No. 30.3306.02 - AIR @ HOME wireless thermo-hygrometer Station, an independent radio-thermo-hygrometer with 3 radio transmitters to eg to have the room climate always in view and when to pass the desired data in the WeatherHup App

At the range of our sensors operating continuously. Coming soon more products will expand the selection.

For more information and an additional video for the installation, contact your app under INFO, or

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Nice app
Mindaugas Laurusonis
Stable app with 90 days history data. You should create a web page to access the station from pc.
Panagiotis Bimis
liked it, does its job well
Oğuz Han Erol