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About Е100 mobile

E100 offers a mobile app to help drivers on the road. The service allows to instantly check liters available on your card and quickly find E100 petrol stations.

App features:
• check liters available for your E100 card;
• Interactive map of E100 stations
• quickly find the nearest E100 petrol stations
• smart route planner with E100 petrol stations
• E100 petrol stations filter by fuel type, station brand name and additional services
• complete information of the certain E100 petrol station
• share your geolocation instanly with your manager
• quickly find hotline and road assistance numbers in your country
• ability to choose a country for checking available liters

The app is available in Russian, Polish and English.

In case of ERROR during the check of available litres, please, contact your manager - it seems your card is blocked.

Attention! Drivers authorization process:
To authorize within E100 app get card-specific password from your manager beforehand.

Check-in is available only with active GPS.
Check-in is available in automatic and manual mode.
In automatic mode you geolocation will be transferred once per hour to account of your manager in E100 system.

Learn more in your personal account and on the official website of the company -

Looking forward to your reviews and improvement suggestions: [email protected]

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