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About Soccer Statistics

Create professional statistics of all games of your soccer teams, call them up in real-time during the game or as evaluation over the whole season!
Ideal for coaches and managers to identify strengths and weaknesses of each player and team, and improve their skills!

Special attention has been given to a fast and intuitive data entry, every action can be inserted with 2 taps, choosing from concise lists.
After creating the single teams (e.g. Men/Women, Youth, etc.), the players can be entered or imported comfortably from the contacts of your device or from a text file.
To have significant stats it is recommended creating separate tournaments such as "Championship", "Cup" and so on for each season (typically named something like "2017/2018").
It is possible to choose the actions that have to be entered and considered in the statistics, and up to 10 actions can be defined by the user (but they cannot be defined as a goal).

For each match, full statistics are available already during the game:
- single stats containing every single action of all players of the current game
- game stats, with a summary of all actions broken down in first and second half
- the complete score of the match, containing every single action, with the match time and partial result at that moment
Every of these statistics can be sent by email and retrieved later at any moment.

For a complete overview of the whole season, tournament statistics can be generated. They contain all players which played at least one game in this tournament, with number of games played and all actions. Special high scores are highlighted with green and red color, for example to facilitate an immediate identification of the team's internal top scorer of the tournament. Of course also these statistics can be shared via email!

All data (teams, players, games, etc..) can be synchronized with other devices or members of your team. The data will be protected by username and password.

The language can be chosen independently from the system language of your device. Currently, the following localizations are available: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.