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About Remuda/SC - USB Guitar Amplifier Control App

At last! An Android App that lets you use your phone or tablet to control and edit your Fender® Super Champ™ X2 amplifier. Remuda/SC provides essential control and editing functions for all Voices and Effects using a clean and understandable screen layout that is suitable for live performance or rehearsal.
Select an amplifier Voice or F/X with a single tap. Tap it again to edit it. Make your changes and when you are happy with your changes, click on OK to save it back to the amplifier.
Bypass any of the amplifier's 4 built in effects with a real-time bypass button.

- Supports Fender® Super Champ™ X2 amplifier ONLY.
- Requires Android 3.1 or higher and USB OTG Adaptor.
- Allows direct selection of Voices and Effects. Perfect for live gigging.
- Provides an on-screen Pedal bypass. Turn on or off any of the current Effects with a tap.
- Live editing of all Voice and F/X selections.

Fender® and Super Champ™ are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and their use herein is solely to identify the specific USB guitar amplifier with which this version of Remuda is compatible. No endorsement of this product by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation should be inferred nor is any implied.

Allows me to tweak voices and efx on my Super Champ X2. Still need to use Fuse to load presets onto amp, but this app is still handy for quick changes and has good depth of parameters for every effect and amp.
Preston Bromley
Thank you so much for creating this!
David Criddle
Works instantly and flawlessly. Hopefully with an update I can upload my many presets, cuz Fuse will be nuked from my system soon. Suggestion......Can we have a " save as" button? it's nice to save a new pre...
Bob Kautz