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About My Collections

The NEW cross-platform version of My Collections.

With 'My Collections' you can create customisable content of your favourite collections.

For help, see

View your collections on the web

* Create collections with any level of containers (e.g. coin value, stamp country) and items (e.g. coins, stamps, bottle tops)

* Items have default name and description fields.

* Custom Fields in Collections with String, Date or Number types. Custom Fields can be mandatory, optionally shown in the lists and are searchable.

* Custom Fields also have custom formatting so you can display the values however you like.

* Sort items by any field, including custom ones.

* Add tags to items and filter by tag when searching.

* Items can have pictures either from the camera direct or via your photos collection.

* Drag and drop ordering of items in a container (use 'User defined' sort mode)

* Show and print a list of items that are needed to restock a collection - use this for a list of 'wanted' items

* Search across all items in a collection.

* Print a list of all the items in the search

* Backup/Export your collection to Google Drive

* Cloud based storage so it syncs automagically across your devices.

* Invite other users by email to share your collection. They initially have read access only.

* Manage users and give them READ, WRITE or ADMIN roles to your collection.

* View public collections that other users have shared

* Receive notifications when an item is updated in a collection you are watching

* Product scanning by EAN/UPC. It's a bit hit and miss relying on UPCItemDB to get details.

* Images loaded from the web if they are detailed in the scan metadata.

This version will replace the old Android only versions of the collections application.

If you would like a new feature to be added, or have found a bug, just email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help you

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This app is great. The way you can make as many lists within lists as you want, is beyond helpful...its needed and works phenomenally. I had a question and they got back to me within hours and solved it imme...
Lenny Nash
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So far ive gotta say im intrigued with how broad your ootions works fine so far. I havent gone live yet but it seems to be a good way to get your collections out there im happy so far.
Cheyenne L Yellowbird