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About Skylex - Law: Mobile App for Lawyers

Skylex is a free mobile app for lawyers and clients.

Skylex helps lawyers get new clients and render legal services on the go, without being bound by office space, receptionists, or business hours, all in complete privacy.

With Skylex lawyers can text, call and exchange documents with clients for free, using cell phones and without disclosing their cell phone numbers. Lawyers can keep all attorney-client communications in one app. Skylex replaces landlines, second work cell phones, call-forwarding services and emails.

Professional Support:
You can get answers to all of your questions through the Skylex Support tab.

Put your practice in your pocket! Skylex is a free mobile app for lawyers and clients.

Unlike other legal apps like Clio, Rocket Lawyer, LegalZoom, LegalShield, Skylex allows you to put your practice in your pocket and use the full range of your legal tools in dealing with your clients.

Skylex is like Slack for lawyers. Lawyers can communicate with their clients, other lawyers, paralegals, translators, experts, clients’ friends or family members about legal cases or case law.

Local attorneys find the Skylex app for lawyers boost their productivity and makes them more visible to clients seeking legal assistance.

Clients communicate directly with their attorneys using the Skylex app for lawyers chatting much as they do with friends, rather than meeting in a formal business setting. Skylex is an easy way for people to talk with attorneys, share case facts and find solutions.

Lawyers will find the capabilities and flexibilities of Skylex useful, too. Clients really like talking with attorneys through Skylex. They feel more at ease with their legal professional. As one client wrote in her App Store review of Skylex, when she communicated through the Skylex legal app: “I have been incredibly well taken care of, and my case was always treated as if it had priority.”

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Download the app and register with your phone number.
The app screen shows 5 tabs: Chat, Search, Support, Profile and About Us.

The Chat screen will be empty at first.
If you are looking for an attorney, go directly to the Support tab in the middle of the screen and type in the type of attorney you need: Immigration, Business, Criminal, Family, IP, etc. We will connect you to the right attorney for you.

The Search tab lets you find a lawyer by name. If your attorney asked you to download Skylex, put his or her name in the box. When your attorney’s name appears, tap the chat button to the right of the name and type your message. All of your communications will appear and will be saved in the Chat tab. If you’d like to learn more about your attorney, tap the name or picture and you’ll find a profile with complete information.

If you have questions at any point in the process, just go to the Support tab and one of our specialists will assist you.

The About Us tab describes Skylex and provides the most recent information about the app.

Download Skylex now and start practicing remotely.

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Using this app i can directly chat and talk to lawyer.
Nilam Patel
My law firm deals with international clients, and I like being able to call them and text them in the app. The document sharing feature is useful. All of our associates and paralegals are using the app and I...
Tim witry
The app helps me quickly build rapport with my clients. Once they download Skylex they quickly find me, and we start texting and calling or voice mailing each other. My paralegal loves Skylex, too, and even ...
jason dozier