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About Calculator

Calculator is a free android calculator with Material Design theme, designed to be very easy to use and to run smoothly.

Benefits of Calculator:
- it has a dark theme
- big digits and big buttons
- up to 5 lines to display
- formatting digits as you type, so you can read the numbers easily
- has different color for the operation sign
- has History function: every operation is saved so you can select it later
- Supports operations with big numbers
- Scientific functions
- Instant result
- Copy the result
- Sound
- Format of number: "1,234.00" "1.234,00"
- has Memory functions:
"M+" - adds the displayed number to what is saved in Memory
"M-" - subtracts the displayed number from what is saved in Memory
"MR" - recalls the number from Memory
"MC" - clears the Memory
- displays what is saved in Memory at any moment
- has percentage function; you can use the percentage function directly into calculations
- allows you to set the decimals number for result: from Settings menu you can set the decimal number of the result

Enjoy free Calculator!

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