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About AcuPoint - Acupuncture

This is our TCM medical app, with all the information for acupuncturist. We are a group of doctors and engineers with a great project in mind, looking to develop an application that suits all the needs of acupuncturists. Initially, we are developing an application that helps to easily locate the points of each meridian, but our goal goes much further, as we seek to create a community that has thousands of members globally in dozens of languages, which Can contribute with their knowledge and suggestions and thus create an application tailored to all and covering every need that may arise.

Do not stop supporting us and accompany us in this endeavor of which we will all be part and we will all benefit.

Here are some features of this version of the application:

- Meridians of Acupuncture with detailed information of each point, like the depth and angle of incision, use of moxa or vacuum.

- Name of the point.

- Night mode for easy viewing in low light.

- Favorites module, to recall special points.

- Tutorial on how to use the application.

- Module of personal schemes, in order to remember a group of points associated with each other, you can create your own protocols.

- Clear and simple display.

- Links to rate the application and to send us personalized comments directly

- You can choose the Language between English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In a future paid version, you will find this categories:

- Sedation
- Tonification
- Five Shu Points
- Lower He Sea
- Xi Cleft
- Yuan Source
- Luo Connecting
- Back Shu
- Front Mu
- Hui Meeting
- Master Coupled
- Command
- Four Seas
- Window Sky
- Cross Lung
- Cross Spleen
- Cross Stomach
- Cross Large Intestine
- Cross Small Intestine
- Cross Kidney
- Cross Urinary Bladder
- Cross Pericardium
- Cross Triple Burner
- Cross Gall Bladder
- Cross Liver
- Cross Du Mai
- Cross Ren Mai

By the moment you will enjoy free and forever all the other features.

Rajeshree Pise
Symptom more
Md. Arif
useful app thanks
karthikeyan g