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About Seasoned Recruit

Hiring for your bar, restaurant, or in the service industry? Start interviewing quality candidates in 48 hours or less.

Seasoned Recruit is an app that eliminates the time, effort, and money associated with hiring qualified applicants in the service industry. Download it now to unlock better candidates, faster interviews, and an entire hiring tool that lives in your pocket. Need to hire for your bar, restaurant, or fast-casual establishment? We'll have quality candidates in front of you right away.

Why we’re the easiest way to hire in the service industry:

-- Industry-only candidates, just for you
The days of juggling job boards are over. Post your job once, and we’ll have it in front of thousands of qualified candidates across our network and restaurant community.

-- Turn applicants into interviews in one tap.
Skip the back-and-forth headache of scheduling. We let applicants submit interview times based on your availability so that you can review and schedule interviews at the same time.

-- Hire in as little as 24 hours, for half the cost
The app speeds up every aspect of the hiring process, keeps you updated, and allows you to focus on your duties outside of the back office.

“I’m sure you see this a lot with your chain locations but once one location finds something that works, it’ll be loved to death by all other locations.”
- Dan, Seasoned Recruit User

Love it help me find candidates for my store really quick
Ms. Ramirez
Easy to use and very convenient to schedule the interview with applicants. 100% recommended!
Kish P.
Super fast to set up and use --- so so much easier to see the entire hiring pipeline and track!!
Catherine Chen