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About MQTIZER - Free MQTT Client

MQTT stands for Message Queue Telemetry Transport. It is a publish/subscribe, extremely simplistic and lightweight messaging protocol, devised for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. The design principles are to minimise network bandwidth and device resource requirements whilst also attempting to ensure reliability and some degree of assurance of delivery. These principles also turn out to make the protocol ideal of the emerging “machine-to-machine” (M2M) or “Internet of Things” world of connected devices, and for mobile applications where bandwidth and battery power are at a premium.

The expectation from next release:

SSL support

Post-release functionalities:

There is a completely new section for learning, and it will be unlocked once the content is ready. No need to update the application for the feature, just download the content when prompted by the app.

It will include technical topics like IoT in general and mainly MQTT.

Why use MQTIZER?

MQTIZER is a mobile MQTT client that can connect to any broker which shares the network with your phone, and to any broker on the cloud as well.

Login with Google

You can log in with Google which is also smart lock equipped.
Logging in will aid you to manage brokers and topics at a central cloud location.

Intuitive user experience and the all-new Night mode.

MQTIZER is an MQTT client assistant. Experience the crafted user interface, and the application will never let you get bored.

Cross-device broker management

If you add a broker to your profile, the broker will persist along with every device you log in to.
You can add remove and edit brokers in the app and the changes will reflect on every device you use.

Multi-protocol support

The app supports both the non-secured protocols, i.e. TCP and WebSockets.
SSL support will be released soon.

Message publisher and subscriber

The client can be used to publish to a topic or to subscribe to a topic. You can change the Quality of Service, as well as enable retain when you publish.

Topics can also be saved

It is very vexatious to touch-type the topic to subscribe every time you restart the application.
The application supports saving updating and deleting topics associated with a particular broker.

Share and copy messages

You can forward the messages you have received to any messaging or social media app. Other than that you can copy the messages simply by selecting them and paste them wherever you want.

The best mqtt client. The ability to save information to Google is brilliant. No intrusive ads. Look no further, I tried a bunch and none came even close to this one. Great job
B. Abb.
I love it! I can't wait until TLS support as I have my server TLS only. Also, I really want a dark mode for the app. Preferably midnight dark style? 😊
Señor Contento
Abuturab kazmi