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About GIF Player - OmniGIF

OmniGIF is your best Android GIF player, maker and editor.

OmniGIF is also your best choice for playing APNG (animated PNG) and animated WEBP on Android, you just need to enable it in the settings menu.

With OmniGIF, you can:
◆ Easily mange your GIFs, video clips and photos.
• Browse your media database in a fancy gallery mode
• Navigate device storage with a handy file explorer
• Hide private files secretly to hide them from other application
• Label your favorite item to find them easily later
◆ Play your content with plenty of options:
• Fast and slow playback
• Play forward and backward
• Frame by frame playing
• Zoom in and out, and panning freely
• Slide show with mixed GIF, video and static images
• Share your GIF, video or photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, Gmail and any other applications
◆ Edit your GIFs or create new GIF from your video clip
• Resizing and cropping
• Trimming and resampling
• Add caption and watermark
• Many other color/encoding options
• Optimizing to shrink file size to use it as emoji and send it to your Facebook, Twitter,, Messenger, Line friends.
◆ Navigate popular Internet GIF/video resources
• OmniGIF provides a nice Reddit explorer
• You can search or add a SubReddit by its name
• More online GIF websites will be supported in future

There are also plenty of additional options which can help you tune this application to serve your at its best.

Best app for slideshowing your offline porno library. Hahaha
Taylor Creighton
Back to working properly. When I clicked gif files, this app wouldn't present itself as an option to open gif files. Now I can set it again. Maybe it was an issue with the file browser? Either way it's worki...
Josh Cross
Perfect, VLC Media Player should take notes, Gif frame-by-frame, to slowing down the gif, to even play other files beside gifs, the creators of this app actually know what they need and added even more to sa...