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About Chemistry & Nano Science Book

Physical methods in chemistry & Nano Science TextBook by OpenStax plus MCQ, Essay Questions & Key Terms

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0.1 Course introduction
Elemental analysis
Introduction to elemental analysis
1 Spot tests
2 Introduction to combustion analysis
3 Introduction to atomic absorption spectroscopy
4 Icp-aes analysis of nanoparticles
5 Icp-ms for trace metal analysis
6 Ion selective electrode analysis
7 A practical introduction to x-ray absorption spectroscopy
8 Neutron activation analysis (naa)
9 Total carbon analysis
10 An introduction to energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy
11 Auger electron spectroscopy
12 Rutherford backscattering of thin films
13 An accuracy assessment of the refinement of crystallographic positional
14 Principles of gamma-ray spectroscopy and applications in nuclear forensics
Physical and thermal analysis
Melting point analysis
1 Bet surface area analysis of nanoparticles
2 Dynamic light scattering
3 Viscosity
4 Differential scanning calorimetry (dsc)
5 Electrical permittivity characterization of aqueous solutions across
6 Dynamic mechanical analysis
7 Finding a representative lithology
Principles of gas chromatography
1 High performance liquid chromatography
2 Basic principles of supercritical fluid chromatography and supercrtical
3 Supercritical fluid chromatography
4 Ion chromatography
Chemical speciation
Esi-qtof-ms coupled to hplc and its application for food safety
Reactions kinetics and pathways
Dynamic headspace gas chromatography analysis
1 Gas chromatography analysis of the hydrodechlorination reaction of
2 Temperature-programmed desorption mass spectroscopy applied in surface
Dynamic processes
Nmr of dynamic systems: an overview
1 Determination of energetics of fluxional molecules by nmr
2 Rolling molecules on surfaces under stm imaging
Molecular and solid state structure
Crystal structure
1 Structures of element and compound semiconductors
2 Low energy electron diffraction
3 Neutron diffraction
4 Circular dichroism spectroscopy and its application for determination
5 Protein analysis using electrospray ionization mass spectroscopy
6 The analysis of liquid crystal phases using polarized optical microscopy
Structure at the nano scale
Microparticle characterization via confocal microscopy
1 Measuring the specific surface area of nanoparticle suspensions using
2 Characterization of graphene by raman spectroscopy
3 Characterization of covalently functionalized single-walled carbon
4 Characterization of bionanoparticles by electrospray-differential mobility
Surface morphology and structure
Sem and its applications for polymer science
1 Catalyst characterization using thermal conductivity detector
2 Nanoparticle deposition studies using a quartz crystal microbalance
Device performance
A simple test apparatus to verify the photoresponse of experimental
1 Measuring key transport properties of fet devices

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