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About PoultryApp

Poultry App is going to make your daily activities a lot easier and business much more profitable if you own any business related to poultry (Broilers and Layers). Whether you are a poultry farmer who produces eggs and chickens to sell, or a trader who supplies poultry products to retailers, or a retailer who sells eggs or chickens. This app can help you thrive successfully in the poultry market.
As a farmer, you’ll get:
- Daily market prices, which will inform you the daily chicken prices/rates, and daily egg rates/ prices, or broiler rates, or poultry shorts - so that you can take better decision regarding buying and selling products in the poultry bazaar. With this information of daily poultry rate, your poultry farm business will surely become more profitable.

- Weather updates will help you to take the best decision regarding the rearing of birds. You can take better care of your chickens to make them healthy. You can take precautionary steps if you know if it’s going to rain or excessive hot weather before it occurs. It can save your egg business or chicken business from potential losses.

- Feed conversion ratio (FCR) or feed conversion rate calculator will help you to determine the right amount of food needed to make your chickens give the desired output. If you want to grow a profitable poultry farming business, this feature will help you greatly. You want to make sure the “Papaak” of your chickens are strong – right?

- This poultry manager app will help you to keep accurate account of the inventories.

- The farmer business network will help you to keep the contacts of raw material suppliers, dealers and traders very effectively so that you can grow your business smoothly.
As a Trader/ supplier to the retailers, you’ll get:
- Live location tracking of vans, which will allow you to know where your products are right now. You can track how close they are to the retailer or farmer – and you can provide your buyer/seller with the real-time information whenever they ask for it without calling the driver. You can also send SMS alerts to the chicken shops about the van’s location.

- The Automated Ordering System will save your time. If you are in a contract with any farmer/retailer – you can set them on AOS, and all will be done automatically – so you won’t have to go through the same thing repeatedly whenever an order placement is needed.

- The systematic process management will minimize the potentiality of business errors and make it smoother and more profitable.

- Easy marketing is one of the best benefits of this app. Since it’s a network of poultry businesses, you will get impressions from your potential customers frequently – which will help you to grow as a trader.
As a chicken retailer (shop), you’ll get:

- Automated ordering, which will save your time and rescue you from unnecessary trouble. You don’t have to look for a supplier whenever you are running out of stock. Just predict the possible timing and set some automatic orders for your suppliers – the products will come to your doorstep at the right moment. It’s one of the most vital part of retail business management.

- Alerts of the supplier’s van location is created to save your time and keep you calm. The app will inform you with real-time information regarding where the supplier’s van is and how much time it will take to reach you. you don’t have to make a phone call every 10 minutes to know the location of the van carrying your supply.

- Easy communication is one of the best features of this app. You can really enjoy doing business when communicating with the suppliers is easy. Whether it is to place an order or fixing a long-term deal with a supplier – this app will make all the communications much smoother.
As you can see, whether you are someone with a great poultry farming business plan who want so bring his/her ideas to life, or a supplier, or a retailer looking for a great business solution app – then this is the one for you.

A very useful app for poultry farming and poultry business and provides FCR calculations in the easiest way. Poultry App provides Daily live chicken rates and live egg rates for free
Shashi Anmishetty
Egg wholesaler no
Laveti Venkataramana
Very good app
Afzal Enterprises