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About FreeFlight 6

FreeFlight 6 offers a smoother and more intuitive piloting experience for ANAFI users everywhere thanks to a modernized interface. The application boasts ease of use; you can now quickly access exciting features directly from the home screen. The flying interface is adaptable to all users; beginners can have fun with dronies and automatic flight modes, while professional photographers can choose between several advanced and personalized camera settings.
FreeFlight 6 and Parrot Skycontroller 3, the ultra-compact long-range controller for ANAFI, were designed simultaneously to emphasize an ergonomic interaction between the two, allowing pilots to adapt settings in a few taps. Users are able to swiftly change piloting modes, from Manual Flight to automatic flight behaviors, such as the new SmartDronies mode. Multiple imaging options are available.

Take off ANAFI with FreeFlight 6 for an unparalleled flying experience.

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Love it
Kenneth M.
Works great with Parrot Anafi - nice interface - couldn't ask for more
Sean Hancock
I always feel like I'm flying!
Greenacreguy W