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About Ollie - Soccer Statistics

Ollie is changing youth sports culture with meaningful data for every player every game.


The Ollie app gives coaches, players, and parents the data they need to know how a player performed and how they can continue to improve.

* A simple interface lets anyone capture important statistics like possession %, passes, turnovers, recoveries, and even where each shot was placed.

* Team stats help you understand how your team is performing against your opponent and over time.

* Individual stats give every player the ability to measure what they are doing well and where they may need improvement.


In addition to team and individual statistics, Ollie lets you manage every aspect of your team in one place.

*Event scheduling lets you create trainings, scrimmages, matches, and other team events so you can see your entire schedule in one place. You can easily sync events to your phone and internet calendars and even give extended family the ability to sync only your matches. More than one team? No problem. Quickly filter and search to find specific teams and events.

* Keep players, parents, and coaches in the loop with group chats all within the app. Our chat allows teams, parents, and players to communicate in a team chat channel and also has a directory so you can easily lookup and send custom messages to any individual or group within your club.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does the Ollie app do?

The Ollie app provides meaningful data for every player every game, helping coaches, players, and parents understand player performance and how to improve.

What statistics can be captured using the Ollie app?

The Ollie app allows you to capture important statistics like possession %, passes, turnovers, recoveries, and shot placement.

How does the Ollie app help teams?

The Ollie app helps teams by providing team stats to understand performance against opponents and over time. It also allows for event scheduling and group chats to manage various aspects of the team.

Can I manage multiple teams with the Ollie app?

Yes, the Ollie app allows you to manage multiple teams by easily filtering and searching for specific teams and events.

How does the Ollie app facilitate communication within a team?

The Ollie app has a group chat feature that allows teams, parents, and players to communicate in a team chat channel. It also has a directory for easy lookup and sending custom messages to individuals or groups within your club.
Sandra Zavala
I love how it keeps a family so informed with the coach and vice versa! We can all be on the same page and know exactly where we need to be and when. Perfect for youth sports teams!
Rachel Cook
This app is incredible! Never thought taking stats could be this easy. The data is super helpful and the players love it. Also, being able to have team management at the same time is great. Works way better ...
Mitch Lunceford
Ollie is really easy to use. It keeps the whole team informed. You can share pictures. Team communication is very fast.
Jon Clegg
Very usefull im glad to have it and im happy
Carlos A. Hernandez
Great app for helping me stay irganized with my children's activities. I like that i can clixk the maps to see where to go.
Cindy Fisher