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About NEOU Fitness: HIIT, barre, Pilates, yoga and more


DOWNLOAD TO EXPERIENCE LIVE AND ON-DEMAND WORKOUT CLASSES TODAY. Sweat with the top fitness studios and elite trainers from around the world. Workout anytime, anywhere with one subscription to stream live and on-demand. Reinvent your daily fitness routine or start your fitness journey with classes ranging from bootcamp, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), dance, barre, strength training, yoga, meditation, stretching and mobility, spin/cycling, running, elliptical workout and Pilates anytime!

BROWSE THOUSANDS OF WORKOUTS. Choose the perfect streaming class for the right moment: filter by music, difficulty, class duration, body focus, or the equipment you have on hand. Join one of the most active and inclusive fitness communities in the world and stay on track to reach your daily fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle.

“If you're looking for an app with on-demand workouts that will make you sweat, look no further.”
– Refinery29: The Fitness Apps That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

“NEOU is one of the best hybrid services, offering both drop-in classes in its midtown NYC studio and unlimited on-demand and live workouts”
- Vogue: These Are the 9 Best At-Home Workouts to Try in 2020

“Think of this as the ‘Netflix for Fitness’ in the sense that you can unlock a nearly endless collection of workout classes and routines right from the comfort of your home.”
- Brobible: 50 ‘Things We Want’ This Week

WORK OUT AT HOME OR ON THE GO. NEOU Fitness adds live classes weekly and new streaming workouts every day. We’re committed to all aspects of your fitness journey.

STREAM ON ANY SCREEN. One subscription gives you access to workouts on your phone, tablet, browser or Chromecast-enabled TV with native support for Chromecast. Versions are available for Roku, Apple TV and Roku.

WHAT YOU CAN STREAM: Dance class, Bootcamp HIIT, Barre, Cardio Workouts, Spinning, Treadmill, Elliptical, Yoga, Meditation, Barre, Pilates, Core, Boxing Training, Stretching, Rowing, Stationary Bike Workouts, Prenatal Workouts and more! Choose from 5 to 90-minute workouts, live or on-demand. Use what you have, from dumbbells, resistance bands, treadmills and spin bikes to no equipment at all! Classes for beginners or experts. You will find a class that suits your fitness level and goals.

Not sure where to start? We’ll help you get started. Some of our premier fitness brands are:

• Vixen Workout - Experience yourself as a performer and enjoy all the physical benefits of an effective workout while having tons of fun.
• Jane DO - No experience? No problem! Co-founders Jacey, Dani and The Jane DO Crew set the stage for a safe, challenging, yet attainable workout.
• Banana Skirt - Banana Skirt offers workout parties that inspire and promote fun with fitness, confidence, and body positivity.

• Align & Flow with Kendra Thomas - Challenge your physical limits, develop knowledge of your body and breath in poses, and most importantly laugh and let go.
• MOVE with Britney Byfield - Dynamic yoga flow and bodyweight conditioning.

• WiderSTRONG with Jen Widerstrom - Created by NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” trainer, WiderSTRONG onboards you with active strength training and risk coaching to prove that you have had the power to change your life within you all along.
• GO with Christi Marraccini - Christi is putting a new spin on high-intensity training. GO is a class focusing on strength, cardio and core.

• Kick It by Eliza - A 13-round fitness method that is music-driven and kickboxing-inspired.
• E3 with Elena Moffa - Blend of boxing, strength, and conditioning as well as total body HIIT.

• Bells Up with Lacee Lazoff - Total body kettlebell and bodyweight class created with a perfect blend of strength and sweat.
• Get Made with Yanyah Milutinovic - This hybrid style of training incorporates power building and bodybuilding, prioritizing aesthetics as well as strength.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What types of fitness classes does NEOU offer?

NEOU offers HIIT, barre, Pilates, yoga, dance, bootcamp, strength training, meditation, stretching and mobility, spin/cycling, running, elliptical workout, and more.

Can I workout at home or on the go with NEOU Fitness?

Yes, you can workout at home or on the go with NEOU Fitness. They add live classes weekly and offer new streaming workouts every day.

What devices can I stream NEOU Fitness on?

You can stream NEOU Fitness on your phone, tablet, browser, Chromecast-enabled TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Roku.

What types of workouts can I stream on NEOU?

You can stream dance classes, HIIT, barre, cardio workouts, spinning, treadmill workouts, elliptical workouts, yoga, meditation, Pilates, core workouts, boxing training, stretching, rowing, prenatal workouts, and more. NEOU offers classes for beginners or experts, ranging from 5 to 90 minutes in length.

Can I use equipment for NEOU workouts?

Yes, you can use equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, treadmills, spin bikes, or no equipment at all for NEOU workouts.

What are some premier fitness brands offered by NEOU?

Some premier fitness brands offered by NEOU include Vixen Workout, Jane DO, Banana Skirt, Align & Flow with Kendra Thomas, MOVE with Britney Byfield, WiderSTRONG with Jen Widerstrom, GO with Christi Marraccini, Kick It by Eliza, E3 with Elena Moffa, Bells Up with Lacee Lazoff, and Get Made with Yanyah Milutinovic.
This app si for guys too ratie ike the app
Nixson Valesques
I don't normally give reviews and 5 stars but, I will give props where it is due. NEOU fitness app is the best fitness app I have seen so far. If you want to get ur fitness on and start a healthy diet, try t...
Mari Zulpo
Love everything about this app. I am getting in shape so much faster with the routines provided on this forum. This app has everything.
Heather Rozmus
Amazing! Worth the money and has helped with my fitness, can see a huge difference . Loads of different classes, dance workouts and boxing classes. My gym membership has been cancelled since I prefer using t...
stacy MacQueen
This is my first time using it..but I thinking it wanna be nice..
Yusmey Marquez
I want my money back, it charged me today. When did I download the app? Today. Did it have a free trial? Yes. Did I get my free trial? No. I was instantly charged and I want my money back. Edit : they got ba...
Krys Archie