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About Fitsy - for personal trainers

Fitsy is a training platform created for professionals like you. Our product has been developed with pure enthusiasm and a will to make your job as a personal trainer easier. We know perfectly well how valuable your time is so get rid of spreadsheets, clunky emails and text notes. Time to get real results with Fitsy today!

It’s an all in one product and complete platform with all modules you need in your everyday work including:

Clients and client groups
- Simple to navigate client details screen
- Basic data and contact info to directly send training program or shopping list to your client or to remind them about upcoming training session without searching in your contacts list!
- Body weight data with historic data chart so you can easily see changes in your clients appearance and motivate them even more
Body circumferences data to track changes in your clients physique and see results in their training or diet
- Personal records data to keep track of clients strength and measure their progress over time
- Events screen to display events planned only for specific client
- Setting goals that you or your clients want to achieve; keep track of achieved goals on a list or on a graphic chart which you can share to your social media profiles!
- Group your clients and assign them diet plans, events or send workout plans to the whole group at once!

- Go through your planned events on a simple, pure and intuitive screen with two possible views - day view and events only view
- Beautifully animated calendar popup will show you number of events per day
- Schedule workout, consultations, group sessions or any other event and assign them to your clients!
- Set up notifications to get a reminder before an event, even if you are using a different device! While logging in to your account any device you’re using will get a notification
- Remind your clients about upcoming events with just one click from the event details popup!

Exercises, Workouts and Training Programs
- Huge exercises database which you can easily filter out to find what you need!
- Every exercise contains description, assigned movement pattern, type, equipment required to use and main muscle groups
- Part of exercises contain a quick how-to video preview
- You can easily share all this information with your client with just one tap!
- Build workouts with highly intuitive creator
- Quickly add exercises using filters and assign them parameters such as number of reps, time of exercise, number of sets etc.
- Build customized training plans by using your previously created workouts or ready templates
- Set goals based on your client needs
- Schedule the program within the time frame you can set by adjusting workout parameters on different weeks
- Assign clients to created workouts and programs
- Export your workouts and programs to PDF or CSV files

Nutrition products, meals and diet plans
- Huge products database includes nutrient info such as calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats per 100g
- Product group filters and search functionality created for you to easily find a product you’re looking for
- Meals creator allowing you to quickly add products and check nutritional information per whole meal
- Create whole weekly or monthly diet plans with meals for each day!
- Check nutritional value per day and per whole week
- Assign created meals and diet plans to your clients
- Export your meals and diet plans to PDF or CSV files
- Export shopping list for a meal day!

What makes us special:
- Experience and passion - We believe in theory and practice, that’s why gym was our passion long before creating this app. We know exactly what a professional personal trainer needs and we deliver that!
- Quality - We’re developing this product with utmost care for details as it’s development and gym life in general is our passion; every module of application has been developed with consultation with professional trainers and people from fitness world