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About FitPass - the key to any sport

It allows fitness lovers to pay only one membership fee and access all the favorite recreational centers in Serbia.

After downloading the FitPass app, and creating their profile, users can choose among the sports facilities that are part of our program or opt for any type of training they would like to try, and do it differently each time!

Checking-in was never been easier! By using the FitPass app, users can easily scan the QR code that is placed at the entrance of the fitness facility, and their session will be evidenced.

Each member can choose from 3 types of monthly membership - Basic (12 sessions), Classic (16 sessions), and Premium (31 sessions), as well as Classic M membership, which includes 16 sessions over the next 3 months, Classic L, which includes 16 sessions over the following 9 months and Classic XL which includes 16 sessions over the next 12 months.

FitPass supports all companies that care about the well-being of their workers by offering them special benefits when they decide to purchase multiple memberships for all of their staff.

Also, FitPass promotes healthy lifestyles among young people by providing special student discounts.

By joining the FitPass family, you will be able to follow your vibe each time, choose different types of workout and stay healthy and positive!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FitPass?

FitPass is a membership program that allows fitness lovers to pay one fee and access multiple recreational centers in Serbia.

How does FitPass work?

After downloading the FitPass app and creating a profile, users can choose from various sports facilities and different types of training. They can easily check-in by scanning the QR code at the entrance of the fitness facility.

What types of membership does FitPass offer?

FitPass offers three types of monthly memberships - Basic, Classic, and Premium, with different numbers of sessions. Additionally, there are Classic M, Classic L, and Classic XL memberships that include a set number of sessions over 3, 9, and 12 months respectively.

Does FitPass offer benefits for companies?

Yes, FitPass supports companies that care about their employees' well-being and offers special benefits when purchasing multiple memberships for their staff.

Are there any discounts available for students?

Yes, FitPass provides special student discounts to promote healthy lifestyles among young people.

How does FitPass help users stay healthy and positive?

FitPass allows users to follow their vibe, choose different types of workouts, and stay healthy and positive by providing access to various sports facilities and training options.
Kako se ulogovati u aplikaciju ako je kartica dobijena u firmi?
Marko Antonijevic
Nenad Tabandzelic
Dobar je sistem fitpass
Maher Aldayoub
Best of the Best🥰😍💗
Vladimir Jurčević
Super je aplikacija. Volela bih da mogu da vidim svoje check ins, i ocene objekata.
Ana Vukovic
Jednostavna i korisna aplikacija. Veliki plus što je veličina ispod 5 MB!
Lovro Ilijašić