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About AnSo Anaesthesia Sonoanatomy

AnSo is designed by anesthesiologists for anesthesiologists. Carry this resource in your pocket to help identify anatomical structures with ultrasound. AnSo allows the user to identify sonoanatomy by placing single or multiple colour overlays on and off the ultrasound images. AnSo is for more than just regional anaesthesia. It includes other perioperative uses of ultrasound such as:

Vascular Access
Gastric Antrums
Transthoracic Echo
Lumbar Spine
Lung Signs

AnSo contains over 300 images and over 1400 coloured overlays. Landmarks commonly used for pattern recognition of major structures are simplified using chalkboard sketches. Short loops demonstrate some dynamic anatomical features and ergonomics images show patient, probe needle and screen positioning.
AnSo does not require an internet connection to run. It can be useful both in and out of theatre, when performing procedures, and when learning or teaching ultrasound.

The app has been designed to be easily updated with new images as perioperative ultrasound use expands, and new understanding of the sonoanatomy develops.

Download AnSo today and always have easy access to current sonoanatomy answers.

The pop fossa anatomy (2nd depth view) has incorrect labeling med/lat of biceps femoris and the small hamstring muscles. That is a small thing. I do love this app. Beautiful and visual.
lesley s
I bought the Anso and i installed it on my old Mobile .i need to move it to my new Mobile. What should i do????
Mohammed Qozat
Its great! Very useful app. Thank you!
Mantas Rudas