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About EasyTether Full

EasyTether shares Internet connection from your smartphone with your computer, tablet and router.

It supports USB tethering for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD computers, Android 7.0 / 6.0 / 5.0+ / 4.0.3+ tablets and OpenWrt or LEDE-based routers.

It supports Bluetooth tethering for Windows, Linux, *BSD computers and Android 7.0 / 6.0 / 5.0+ / 4.0.3+ tablets.

It does not require root access or special tethering plans.

It supports PS3, Xbox and Wii tethering by means of Internet connection sharing feature on Windows or Mac.

One-time fee only.

Featured in WSJ Tech Essentials

Featured on WiredNews

We recommend that you try free EasyTether Lite before making a purchase.

EasyTether uses only official APIs ensuring your phone's security.

Unlike many tethering widgets, EasyTether implements its own tethering mechanism completely from scratch.

Some carriers have hidden the original EasyTether app.
Note that all paid EasyTether versions function the same way, you can buy whatever is visible with your carrier or install EasyTether apk directly from our website

Remove other EasyTether versions before installation.

We offer an extended refund period - 30 days. We will never refund orders older than 30 days.

I've been using this app since 2017. I have successfully used it on a Windows computer with an LG, Samsung, and Motorola using AT&T and Verizon.
Nancy Brom
Easy tether works great I use it on the USB cable it work s seamlessly you can't tell the difference between broadband and tethering
Bill Henry
I paid for this app (and I almost never pay for apps / nor review them). This app however has great quality. 6 phones and 3 years later I'm still using it. Only fault I can give it is some linux distros are ...
Branden Bobo