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About Logic Puzzles Daily - Solve Logic Grid Problems

Logic Puzzle fans, meet your nemesis! Created by a team of puzzlers who have been completing these grid-based logic problems for decades, the Logic Professor challenges you to work your way through level after level of his brain-teasers. Can you beat his time for each logic puzzle and win bragging rights, or will you be the recipient of another of his intellectual wisecracks?

The game starts you off with more than a hundred free logic puzzles, with new puzzles added every day as part of our Daily Challenge feature. Enjoy a new, free brain-teasing logic problem every day direct to your iPhone or iPad or build your collection with one of our puzzle pack add-ons.

Use logic and deduction to solve your way through the Professor's Logic University with the difficulty level of the puzzles rising with each completed logic problem. Global leaderboards mean you can measure your performance against players from all over the world - or invite your Facebook friends and see if you can beat their times for each grid!

The Professor has even prepared a load of logical achievements for you to master - for example, can you beat him twice in a row, or how about five times? He thinks it is unlikely...

The gameplay is simple but addictive and Logic Puzzle Daily boasts all the latest logic puzzle features, including Auto X, Hints, Error Checker and Multi-Level Undo. For the harder logic puzzles you can use the Notes section to help you work through the clues and solve the puzzle.

These logic puzzles are all brand new and created especially for this app, not licensed or published before somewhere else.

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Possibly the largest, and most affordable logic problem app out there. Customer service is prompt and very professional, (even to those of us who email in at the slightest issue). Updates regularly, welcomes...
Jennifer Lebow-Wolchick
This is a great version of this puzzle
Claire Dewar
All previous issues have been fixed.
Vinh Nguyen