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About Limelines - لايم لاينز

(بالعربي في الاسفل)
Bringing thousands of publishers to MENA readers, the Limelines platform gives you
access to all the latest news, customized and personalized according to your
We cover a variety of topics stories ranging from sports, science, health and technology news. We also bring you economy, environment, travel news, as well as a diverse range of topics touching on food, fashion, and education, as sourced from publishers from various countries across the MENA including the GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Qatar, ); the Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan); and the North African countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria).

Are you interested in the latest current events or tech developments? Want to brush up on articles from local news sources and national publications, discover trending podcasts from our region, or simply skim the latest news? LimeLines has you covered from all angles.

To create your own personal lines: find stories you want to read later, use the "+" to save them in your own space or line, and share it your community.


• Discover the latest news from Naharnet, AMEInfo, with thousands of top newspapers and magazines, whether local, national from across the MENA region.
• Create your own Lines: piece together lines by collecting stories and publishers to get access to your personalized news.
• Customize your home feed: collate up to 15 unique interests through which you are able to source your own stories, giving you access to a range of topics you love.
• Read The Quick View: keep up with the latest headlines and trending events by tapping in to our daily roundup of the day’s important stories and personalized news articles.
• As a peer-to-peer platform, you have the option of following people, as well as a wide range of areas of interest, publishers, and lines.

Keep up with LimeLines:

For product updates and the latest headlines, including tips on how to use LimeLines, and much more.

Follow us on:

For videos on how to use LimeLines, visit:

Got any suggestions? We’d love to hear them.
Email [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

The LimeLines team

إنّ لايم لاينز منصّة إلكترونيّة تجمع محتوى آلاف الناشرين من منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا، وتعرضه على المستخدمين كلّ بحسب الاهتمامات والمواضيع التي يودّ متابعة أخبارها. لذلك، نحن نقوم بتحسين ميزات تطبيقنا بشكل دائم لنوفّر لقرّائنا تجربة ممتعة. يسعى فريق عملنا إلى إغناء صفحة "الاستكشاف" عبر رفع عدد التغطيات والمجلات المميّزة التي بإمكان المستخدِم متابعتها، لتقديم محتوىً تفاعليّ وشيّق على حدّ سواء، ولتسليط الضوء على أحدث الأخبار، كما على المواضيع المُبتكَرة من منطقتنا.
لأي استفسار أو اقتراح، يُرجى مراسلتنا على البريد الإلكتروني التالي:
[email protected]
شكرًا لكم،
فريق لايم لاينز

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RUSTOM AG রুসতম আজি
absolutely fantastic , but i'd love to see dark mode in it 😍 hopefully it comes asap
Rayan ALsadi
Md Vip1122
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i loved it!! so much to read 👍🏻😊
Roro Riri
si tu veux que je ne sais pas si tu veux que l'on peut faire un tour sur mon portable est un peu plus de temps en
Pier Adams