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About Card Ladder

Card Ladder is the 21st Century price guide, Billboard Top 100, Wikipedia, and market analysis tool for sports cards.

Browse for free, or take your game to the next level with Card Ladder Pro.

Free Features
• View financial performance of thousands of sports cards from the past three months.
• Search our database for any specific card or player you have in mind.
• Get the latest articles, podcasts, and videos from the top hobby creators.
• Get a quick snapshot of the day in sports cards with the dashboard.
• Watch the hottest sports cards ending within 15 minutes on eBay and snipe for the win.

Card Ladder Pro Features
• All the FREE Features.
• Manage your collection and track the value of your cards over time.
• See daily sales, new cards added, and headlines written by the staff reactions to sales everyday.
• Add cards to your watchlist to track their performance and get notified when they move in price.
• View accurate pricing estimates of cards that rarely sell.
• Compare full sales histories of cards against each other.
• Request cards you want to see on the Ladder, and vote for which cards should be added next.
• Quickly find cards that are relevant to you by filtering by price, sport, set, year, and more.
...and so much more!

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A must for any card collector.
Samuel Chevadisaikul
Best app for up to date card prices and information. Verified sales and new cards added every day. My Collection feature let's you add your cards and track their values. Collector or investor, you NEED this ...
Francisco Gonzalez
Great stuff , have no clue qhatbibwoiod do without it !
Marc Jones