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About State Statute & Federal Law

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State and Federal Law Titles featuring New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, USC & more, see below for full list:

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State and Federal Legal resource for CO, DC, IN, MI, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OK, PA, TX, US and VA including Motor Vehicle Laws, Criminal Code, US Code (USC) and many more.

This app contains statutes, titles, codes, rules, USC and other data for the following States and Commonwealths:

District of Columbia
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina

Also includes the United States Code (USC) - All USC Titles are available.

An app designed for Law Enforcement, Lawyers and other Legal professionals.

This app includes the following optional titles:

Popular Titles:

New Jersey Law - Title 39 - Motor Vehicle Statutes (NJ Title 39)
New Jersey Law - Title 2C - Criminal Statutes (NJ Title 2C)

Pennsylvania Law - Title 18 - Criminal Statutes (PA Title 18)
- This subscription also includes: 35:780-113 the PA Drug Statute
Pennsylvania Law - Title 75 - Motor Vehicle Statutes (PA Title 75)
- This subscription also includes Pub 45

DCLaw Series - Title 22 - District of Columbia Criminal Law (DC Title 22)
DCLaw Series - Title 50 - District of Columbia Vehicle Law (DC Title 50)

NYLaw Series - PEN - Penal code of New York (NY Penal)
NYLaw Series - VAT - Vehicle and Traffic - Motor Vehicle Code of New York (NY Vehicle)

VALaw Series - Title 46.2 - Virginia Motor Vehicle Code (VA Title 46.2)
VALaw Series - Title 18.2 - Crimes and Offenses Generally - Code of Virginia (VA Title 18.2)

TXLaw Series - Penal Code (Texas PE)
TXLaw Series - Transportation (Texas TN)

NVLaw Series - NRS Title 15 - Crimes and Punishments
NVLaw Series - NRS Title 43 - Public Safety; Vehicles; Watercraft

COLaw C.R.S. Title 18 - Colorado Criminal Code
COLaw C.R.S. Title 42 - Colorado Vehicles and Traffic

NC Chapter 14 - North Carolina Criminal Law
NC Chapter 20 - North Carolina Motor Vehicles

Michigan Law Chapters 256 & 257 - Michigan Motor Vehicles (MIMV)
Michigan Law Chapters 750 & 752 - Michigan Criminal and Penal Codes (MICR)

Indiana Code IC 9 - Motor Vehicles
Indiana Code IC 35 - Criminal Law and Procedure

Oklahoma Statutes Title 47 - Motor Vehicles (OS 47)
Oklahoma Statutes Title 21 - Crimes and Punishments (OS 21)

18 USC - Crimes and Criminal Procedure (US Code)
21 USC - Food and Drugs (US Code)

App contains all 68 New Jersey Statute Titles (NJLaw Series Complete).

App contains 132 New York Titles (Consolidated Statutes, Unconsolidated Statutes, Court Acts and Misc Titles) (NYLaw Series Complete)

App contains 49 District of Columbia (DCLaw Series) Titles and offers DCLaw Complete, access to all titles.

App Contains 47 Pennsylvania statute titles

App contains 76 titles for the state of Virginia

App contains 30 Texas statute titles and offers Texas Law Complete (TXLaw Series)

App contains 59 Nevada Revised Statute Titles, NRS Chapter 0 (Preliminary Chapter) (Nevada Law Series)

App contains 45 Colorado Revised Statute Titles and is an officially sanctioned publication using the official text of the Colorado Revised Statutes (Colorado Law Series)

App contains 309 Active Law Chapters from the State of North Carolina (NC Laws) - North Carolina

App contains 236 Law chapters from the State of Michigan (MI Laws). MILaw is organized and combined into 28 in-app items. See in-app store for details.

App contains all 33 Code Titles for the State of Indiana.

App contains 84 Law Titles for the State of Oklahoma.

App contains all 53 active United States Code Law Titles.

All titles update on a regular basis as new data becomes available. Development LLC and Louis Kabo
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