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About Kabbalistic Calendar

IMPORTANT: Paid subscription is required.

What can a calendar do for you - besides telling you what day it is? According to Kabbalah, it can awaken your ability to take control over the astrological influences of each month.

In the Kabbalistic Calendar you will find tools, teachings and inspiring visual meditations and practical recommendations to help you take control of your life – every month.
The easy-to-follow format makes this ancient wisdom accessible for people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Features include:

• Positive, negative & neutral days for choosing the best times to sign a contract, schedule important meetings, undergo medical procedures, or get married
• Death Anniversaries (Hilula) of Tzadikim (righteous people)
• Holidays (kabbalistic and secular) for tapping into greater frequencies of fulfillment
• New Moon blessing & candle lighting times for planting positive seeds
• Weekly torah portions for staying in touch with the energy of the moment

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Very Nice!!! 😍
Yaakov Bello
I'm so Thankful for all who are behind this beautiful app. Hope this message find you wel.
Rashid Willems
convenient way to keep track of the status of our times
Jeffry Nurenberg