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About Kettlebell Pentathlon

This app is a Score Calculator and Timer for Kettlebell Pentathlon. Use it to plan your pentathlon and track your results.
✓ Score Calculator
✓ Pentathlon timer with repetition metronome
✓ Optional custom timer
✓ Workout history

• Calculate score, repetitions and reps/min
• Save your results
• Share your results on social media

• Full Kettlebell Pentathlon timer
• RPM metronome with audio feedback
• Adjustable hand switch signals
• Adjustable exercise start countdown

Through in-app purchase you may unlock the Custom Timer. This is a great way to set up your own programs. Use is for Kettlebell Sport, Tabatas, Interval Training etc.

• Add your own exercises and rests
• Set length and order of exercises/rests
• Set number of rounds
• Optional repetition metronome.
• Save and Load your custom timers.

To learn more about kettlebells, girevoy sport and kettlebell pentathlon go to

For suggestions and bug reports, please contact via email.
Thank you!

For backing up app database to SD card. Also for saving images for sharing on social media.

For enabling premium features (Custom timer)

Solid for training Kettlebell Sport. You have the option of a metronome too.
David Cebuhar
Best kettlebell timer
Bodhi Haraldsson
Great app. Cast to TV in gym. Every once in awhile the metronome misses a beep, isolated issue to app on a few devices. Not sure of solution. Best KB timer i have used. TCH Kettlebell Club
Jerry Bowling