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About Depstech-View

Depstech-View is a special-designed APP for endoscopes and otoscope products, which can capture Real-Time Image Transmission /Recording and Browsing of USB / wifi endoscope products.
The current version may not be compatible with Android 10.0. If users who owns Android 10.0 device encounter software errors during usage, please FEEL FREE CONTACTING US via: [email protected] In order to bring you better experience with our products, please do not hesitate to log in our official web: for more information and help.

This app is awesome 👌 the Instructions are easy and I'm Very satisfied!! Thanks 😊👍
LD claxton Wells
The app works fine on my Motorola g6. You have to remember to turn your wifi off to whatever you have it connected to first. Like if it's on your home wifi signal. Then the Depstech link will show and you cl...
Casper Gibson
I looked for other apps based on feedback from the device reviews, but ultimately decided on this app and it's just fine. Wish it would make a sound or buzz when shutter pressed. Saves easily and no hassle.
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