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About Huddol Journeys

Experience 7-day transformational Journeys guided by the leaders in the human transformation movement.

GET PERSONAL GUIDANCE FROM LIFE MENTORS WHO WALK THE TALK. Our dedicated Mentors are on a mission to bring out the best in you. We looked high and low and brought together Mentors who have honed the skills to support you in showing up in your life. Our criteria was simple: We focused on how compassionate and wise they were, and how they would help unlock your potential. That is what you get from our Mentors - not influence, answers, or advice, but clear points for reflection and wisdom that you can put into practice.

DISCOVER A COMMUNITY THAT IS ABOUT PURPOSE. It’s hard to be social when everyone is looking for attention. We asked ourselves what an online community could look and feel like when everyone was authentically aligned in their intention to support one another in living their best lives. That’s what it means to Huddol together. That is what makes our network different. If that inspires you, then we encourage you to join us.

WEEKLY CLASSES AND PODCASTS. Change is about persistence. To be successful at anything you need to devote your energy and attention to that one thing. Weekly classes and podcasts keep you anchored in the opportunity to expand your mind, body and soul and serve as an important touchpoint along your personal growth path.

JOURNAL AND TRACK YOUR BREAKTHROUGHS. Track your progress, or simply add a gentle reminder. Journaling is a reliable tool to help you unpack the past, see more clearly in the present, and expand on new insights.

Try it free for 7 days. Cancel anytime*.

We priced our annual membership at $99/year to make it affordable. We get that personal transformation is priceless, but our Mentors and team also have to eat, sleep, and meditate.

*If we are not helping you live your best life, we encourage you to seek out spaces that do. That is our only hope for you.

About Huddol

We have a singular mission: Help you unlock your greatest potential. We are here to help you ask the life-changing questions that makes that possible. The answers come from you - they are found within.

Ready? Let’s begin.


-Learn to transform obstacles into opportunities
-Nurture insight into your thoughts, feelings, sensations and actions
-Discover new ways of feeling good in your body
-Uncover your one true purpose and a life filled with meaning
-Learn how to create closeness with others and with yourself
-Learn to work with your inner experience in a way that nurtures freedom

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Love the ease of having these transformational experiences right in my pocket to enjoy wherever I am. The diverse topics and depth of content is truly appreciated.
Jenn Swanson
Every Journey I've unlocked has brought a very fresh perspective on topics related to personal growth and personal transformation. A pertinent mix between reflection and practices, each day helps dive deeper...