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About Migraine Buddy - The Migraine and Headache tracker

Migraine Buddy has been voted the 🏆 Best Migraine App with over 2️⃣Million downloads. Take control with this ALL-INCLUSIVE Migraine Management Program designed with Neurologists and Data Scientists - recording, tracking, reporting, learning, communicating and sharing.

Have you been diagnosed with Migraine❓
YES: Migraine Buddy will help you communicate with your neurologist clearly and support you in reducing your migraine days
NO, I WANT TO BE DIAGNOSED: Migraine Buddy will help you understand your condition and communicate it to a medical professional to get a correct diagnosis

Are you wondering:
- what triggers your attacks❓
- what gives you relief❓
- if your medication is effective❓
- if you sleep consistently❓
- if the weather is a trigger❓
- how to communicate with your Doctor❓ with your Employer❓with your Family and Friends❓

Get to know your condition and implement changes in your life, install Migraine Buddy for Free.

💬“It’s like a personal doctor who’s always there and whose questions are easy to answer.” - Migraine Buddy user 💬

📝 Keep track of:
🍛 What you eat
💊 What medication you take and when. How it affects you and your migraine
💤 Your sleep routine
⛈ Weather pressure
❗ Your attacks and their symptoms
😌 What relief methods are helpful to you or not
➕ And more

📊 Communicate efficiently with your neurologist, employer, life-insurer:
- Migraine Impact Reports
- Trigger Reports
- Relief Reports
- And more

👥 Access an Active Community:
- Learn from community experience
- Share your learnings
- Find support from others on their migraine journey

🏆 Implement small changes in your life via Programs such as:
- Using templates to talk to your doctor and neurologist
- Migraine-friendly Diets tips and recipes
- Packing an emergency kit for the ER
- Navigating Motherhood with Migraine
- And more

Deeper insights about the app

- Easy to use, beautifully designed interface and icons with wizard style questionnaires that guide users through the recording
- Personalize every questionnaire screen by adding more icons, delete the ones that don't relate to your migraines and reorganize them all based in any order you want.
- Record ongoing and past migraines with an interface specifically designed to be used during an attack

- Quick access to skip and record entries at a later time
 if a migraine has made normal functioning impossible
- Notes section to add additional information such as food, weather conditions, barometric pressure, mood, etc.
- Reminders to finish recording

MBplus Migraine Management and Support Programs
Located within the app, migraine patients can learn via support programs created specifically around living and managing life around migraine.

- Add a "Buddy": share your migraine status with your "buddies" within the app and learn and advise each other with your own experience. Let each other know when you're migraine-free, having a migraine, and how you feel.
- Share advice and feelings with other users
- Exclusive chat groups for the premium MBplus Program users who would like to reduce migraine days

- Customized fields in the recording screen and tailor the app as a permanent option, just for you.
- Customized reports including frequency and duration, pain intensity, pain location, migraine triggers, migraine medications, migraine symptoms and helps to understand the effectiveness of medication and other migraine relief methods
- Calendar option allows users to measure the impact migraine has on their life
- Geo-targeted local weather and pressure
- Track your sleep patterns nightly

- Data is secured and protected by HIPAA-compliant cloud

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Such great aap for good health
Kabir Singh
Me & migraines grew up together. Having Migraine Buddy has been very enlightening. I have learned alot about my migraines in the past few days. I wish I would have had this app growing up. It knows more than...
Birdy W
This is a very complete and easy to use app. Very useful!
Pam Gayon