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About Endometrix

Empowering you with science-backed insights into how endometriosis or chronic pelvic pain personally affects you. Understand and effectively manage your overall health with insights that identify, then showcase patterns between your symptom severity over time, physical health, mental health, and new interventions (e.g. medicinal, non-medicinal). Visualize all of the data you track with our Today’s Symptom Average, Calendar, or Data Overview features to help communicate how endometriosis personally affects you with your loved ones or your chosen healthcare provider.

Our insight generating techniques are backed by a combination of peer-reviewed scientific literature, surveys with more than 1800 people with suspected or confirmed endometriosis, one-on-one interviews with more than 60 people, and consultations with endometriosis and infertility-specialized healthcare providers and researchers throughout the world.


- A quick and simple way for you to track your symptoms multiple times a day.
- Our symptom and treatment categories give you the option to rate the severity of how the most common symptoms of endometriosis affect you.
- Tags allow you to choose how your symptoms uniquely affect you. For example, you can tag that you are having sharp pain in your lower back or that you are feeling brain fog.
- Additionally, track what medications you are taking, if you are flaring, if you had sex, or if you are menstruating while using Factors.
- Explain how you feel in further detail using Notes to mark important health events like what types of medication you are taking, how heavy your flow is, what color your discharge is, or what kind of sex (external, penetrative) you had that day.

Self-Care Programs:

- Our programs showcase different video series created by professionals who are fellow endowarriors to help you manage your symptoms.
- Our current programs focus on topics like nutrition, meditation, and pain-relieving yoga.


- See how your health looks over a month to help you, a loved one, or a doctor understand how often and how severely you are affected by your symptoms.
- Symptom severity is color-coded. For instance, blue means "none" and red means "unbearable".
- Click on past days within Calendar to track what you missed.

The progress of our app is ongoing; therefore, we are committed to maintaining open communication with you to ensure our features meet your unique needs. If you feel like something is missing, please click the feedback button on the Settings page to send us a message about how you think we can improve to meet your needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How does Endometrix empower users?

Endometrix empowers users by providing science-backed insights into how endometriosis or chronic pelvic pain personally affects them. It helps users understand and effectively manage their overall health by identifying and showcasing patterns between symptom severity over time, physical health, mental health, and new interventions.

What are the tracking features offered by Endometrix?

Endometrix offers a quick and simple way to track symptoms multiple times a day. Users can rate the severity of common endometriosis symptoms, choose unique tags to describe symptom impact, track medications, flares, sexual activity, and menstrual cycles. They can also add detailed notes about important health events.

What self-care programs are available on Endometrix?

Endometrix offers video series created by professionals who are fellow endowarriors, focusing on topics like nutrition, meditation, and pain-relieving yoga. These programs are designed to help users manage their symptoms.

How does the Calendar feature in Endometrix work?

The Calendar feature allows users to see how their health looks over a month, helping them, their loved ones, or their doctors understand the frequency and severity of their symptoms. Symptom severity is color-coded, with different colors representing different levels of severity. Users can also track missed days by clicking on past days within the Calendar.

How does Endometrix ensure continuous improvement?

Endometrix is committed to maintaining open communication with users. They encourage users to provide feedback on how they can improve the app to meet their unique needs. Users can click on the feedback button on the Settings page to send a message suggesting improvements.
I was a little put off by the reviews, but this app is exactly what I wanted. I wanted something simple to track my endometriosis flare ups, other pain apps are over complicated with too many variables and m...
Jade Worthington