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About Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker - Medisafe

Get the free “MUST HAVE” award-winning pill reminder and medication tracker ranked #1 by pharmacists, physicians and patients. Join the millions of people using Medisafe who are taking control of their medication management with our free app - stay on track and never miss another med.

💊 Features
• Pill reminder and alarm for all medication needs
• Drug-to-drug interaction checker
• Family and caregiver support via “Medfriend” functionality
• Medicine tracker
• Refill reminders
• Dr appointment manager and calendar
• Support for complex dose schedules
• Add “as needed” medications, vitamins and supplements
• Full selection of OTC and RX medications
• Daily, weekly & monthly med reporting with logbook to share with your doctor
• Track health measurements for various medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, anxiety, depression, HIV, multiple sclerosis, MS, Crohn’s, lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia) e.g. weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels
• Android Wear enabled
• Customizable reminders and time settings (i.e weekend mode so you can sleep in)
• Automatic time zone detection
• Pharmacy discount cards and drugstore coupons (Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and CVS, in the US only)
• Easily customize your pill reminder notifications.

❤️ A Health Tracker Built for You
Medisafe doesn’t just remind you to take your meds. As a medication management platform, Medisafe is a comprehensive tool that compiles all of your medical and health information in one place: pill and medicine reminders, drug-to-drug interactions, refill alerts, doctor appointments, and health journal with 20+ trackable health measurements

• Medisafe is available for free and no registration is required
• We comply with strict privacy laws (HIPAA and GDPR compliant) to safeguard medical information

App Permission Information
Read Your Contacts - used if you choose to add a doctor or Medfriend. The app never stores your address book content and it doesn’t access your address book without asking you first.
Find Accounts on the Device - Medisafe uses push notifications to Medfriends to let those with permission know if the main user has forgotten to take medication.

🔎 Additional Information
Frequently Asked Questions:
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:
Validation by 3rd Party Independent Studies:

Medisafe is FREE for download and use. Medisafe Premium includes unlimited Medfriends, access to more than 20 health measurements, and the choice of a dozen reminder sounds. Premium is offered by a subscription with automatic renewal.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Medisafe?

Medisafe is a free pill reminder and medication tracker app that helps users manage their medication schedule and never miss a dose.

What features does Medisafe offer?

Medisafe offers a pill reminder and alarm, drug-to-drug interaction checker, family and caregiver support, medicine tracker, refill reminders, doctor appointment manager and calendar, support for complex dose schedules, tracking of health measurements, and customizable reminders.

Can I track my health measurements with Medisafe?

Yes, Medisafe allows you to track health measurements for various medical conditions such as weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

Is Medisafe available for Android Wear?

Yes, Medisafe is Android Wear enabled, allowing you to access its features through compatible smartwatches.

Can I customize my pill reminder notifications?

Yes, Medisafe allows you to easily customize your pill reminder notifications according to your preferences.

How does Medisafe ensure privacy of medical information?

Medisafe complies with strict privacy laws, such as HIPAA and GDPR, to safeguard medical information and ensure user privacy.

Are there any additional costs for using Medisafe?

Medisafe is available for free download and use. However, there is a premium version called Medisafe Premium which includes additional features and is offered through a subscription with automatic renewal.
Update: It's been 5 years, and this is still one of the best apps available. I recently had an issue with the app, for the first time. I contacted the developer, they were very responsive and friendly and ac...
Sheri Amador
Clear instructions, easy to use.
Patricia Brown
Works as expected. Would like pill identifier function.
Don Hansen
This is my all time favorite. I've always been bad at taking my one pill but since I started using this pill reminder, 2 years ago, I rarely forget. I especially like the pharmacy service. I'm an over the ro...
Catherine Wiseman
This is the best medicine reminder I have found it's easy to use add my meds gives me info on what they for and all sort ringtone sounds to choose from I got first from finding Nemo is funny I love I shared ...
Deborah Russell
CL Mclhinney