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About BJJ Master App by Grapplearts


This NEW app will allow you to access all your old Grapplearts apps in one place with much more previews, free techniques, and total control over streaming or downloading the techniques.

It is also the ONLY app platform on which you can check out The Modern Leglock Formula with Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting.

BJJ has been proven again and again by professional fighters in Mixed Martial Art competition, as well as by many ordinary people defending themselves in the street against bigger and stronger attackers.

Many experts believe that BJJ is the single most effective martial art. We believe that many different martial arts are effective, but the bottom line is that if you understand the ground game then it gives you a HUGE advantage in a fight.

Grappling may seem complicated and difficult to learn, but all you really need is a plan and a place to start.

The techniques, tactics and strategies covered in the different modules within this app will make you a confident grappler in all areas of the ground!

Download this app now for free and get instant access to a TON of the most important BJJ and submission grappling techniques.


My name is Stephan Kesting and I’ve been doing martial arts for more than 37 years.

The grappling arts have been my main focus for about 25 of these years, and now I’m a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, and also a certified instructor in Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling.

In addition to the grappling qualifications I’m also a black belt in Kajukenbo Karate, an instructor in Dan Inosanto’s Jun Fan JKD, Maphalindo Silat and Filipino Martial Arts program. I’ve studied Japanese Judo, Russian Sambo, various Chinese Kung Fu systems, Brazilian Capoeira, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and many other martial arts.

I’m not bringing up those qualifications to boast. The reason I mentioned them is to establish that I’ve been around the scene, trained with a lot of different people, and have a good understanding of the challenges that grapplers face on the mats everyday.

I know quality, and can recognise stuff that really works when I see it.

Grapplearts is my company and we’ve been online since 2002. That’s a long time, and we’ve produced a ton of instructional products, continuously refining how the material gets taught and presented in order to make it easier to learn.

The goal is to get you the best information in the easiest to learn format, period!

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Neil Quigley
Stephan is great for making this app. I watched his videos on YouTube and now I can use the app.
Marc Azurin
Stephan is one of the best online coaches without a doubt. I have bought and used his instructional since starting my bjj journey. Can not recommend highly enough.
R Gro