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About SmartHQ Service (Formerly NewFi mobile)

SmartHQ Service A Tool for GE Appliance Service Technicians

Gone are the days when technicians had to use screwdrivers and wrenches to partially disassemble an appliance just to verify that a specific component was functional. For a nominal monthly subscription, technicians can efficiently and effectively address issues using advanced digital methods, resulting in a happy GE appliance owner. SmartHQ Service is the best digital diagnostics tool in the industry!

SmartHQ Service Features

•Software Update
Ensures the software running on the appliance is up to date, improving the lifetime ownership experience for the consumer.

•Data Logger
Comprehensive view of recorded diagnostics data of the connected appliance.

•Document Search
User-friendly "Google-like" search of the GEA service document database.

•ONePARTS Search
Offers an exploded view of drawings of sub-systems of GE appliances.

•Parts Purchase
Designed to simplify the search and ordering of genuine GE parts.

•Service Website
Direct access to the GEA service website, without additional login.

•Product Overview
Offers a high-level consumer-oriented overview of the applicable GE appliance.

•Fault Codes and Alerts
The GE appliances perform self-diagnostics and provides resulting data to the technician. Allows technician to understand performance issues occurring within the appliance.

•Component Control
Gives the technician the ability to turn all components such as valves, fans or compressors ON and OFF to test their functionality.

•Share Data
Service technicians can share diagnostics data extracted from the appliances with a Master Technician or a GE Technical Assistance Group (TAG) technician.

•Appliance Service History
Comprehensive access to historical service data of previously repaired appliances.

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Works great, saves time
Clarence Way
Great diagnostic tool!
jamon matthews
Matthew Klenk