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About Rage War Battle History

This is the ultimate strategy game with stunning graphics that transcends the time – Rage War!

Evolve your city through the Ages: Stone Age , Bronze Age, Iron Age . Early Medieval Age , Late Medieval Age and Steam Age

Your mission is to go back in time, establish a powerful army, evolve a mighty kingdom and discover the lost parts of the Time Machine.

In your epic journey, you will be facing barbarous enemies and savage armies that will put your military skills to the test.

-Master your style and earn rewards by completing missions and quests.
-Get on your airship and start a campaign to conquer distant lands inhabited by ferocious barbarians (PvE).
-Build strong economy and gather valuable resources by optimizing the buildings in your kingdom. Discover new sciences in a vast science tree which will give you better buildings, units and upgrades. Expand your kingdom from a tiny village into mighty empire through real-time battles(PvP).
-Play with friends and unite forces in mighty alliances and kingdoms.

There's not much time left! You must activate the Time Machine NOW! Join us into this epic journey - DOWNLOAD RAGE WAR NOW!!!


Abdulghani Salem
Nice combination of strategy and defense/attack.
Sadie Allison
Wonderful and engaging game. I am LOVING IT 😊
Gagandeep Bali