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About 2020 Official CLEP Study Guide App

The 2020 Official College Board CLEP Study Guide App.

**Note, this app serves all CLEP titles currently available on our website.

Those include:

- American Government
- American Literature
- Analyzing & Interpreting Literature
- Biology
- Calculus
- Chemistry
- College Algebra
- College Composition (includes both College Composition AND College Composition Modular exams)
- College Mathematics
- Educational Psychology
- English Literature
- Financial Accounting
- French Language
- German Language
- History of the United States I
- History of the United States II
- Human Growth
- Humanities
- Information Systems
- Introductory Business Law
- Introductory Psychology
- Introductory Sociology
- Natural Sciences
- Precalculus
- Principles of Macroeconomics
- Principles of Management
- Principles of Marketing
- Principles of Microeconomics
- Social Sciences and History
- Spanish Language
- Western Civilization I
- Western Civilization II

This CLEP universal app will work with any of the titles available. You only need to pick one, although you can use multiple titles if you wish. It will perform similar to the individual Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, College Composition & Spanish Language apps and can be used as a replacement for any of those apps as well as with any of our new content.

The study guide app provides you with:

- Detailed steps to earning college credit for passing your CLEP exam.

- Based on the same practice questions (and amount of questions) contained in the Study Guide - just like the one's you'll see on test day.

- Complete breakdown of how to prepare for your exam.

Using this app can significantly help you prepare and improve your mastery of your CLEP material and with a passing mark on the actual exam, can help you earn college credit to most colleges and universities, reducing the overall cost and time of earning a degree!

It's good but I think it would be better if the directions for each section were published before the beginning of the section
angie lundy
So far I'm doing good with me answers.Not like the Clep test at all
Tanya Sunday
Lots of great questions
Sherri Irwin