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About Toddler's Audio Player: music and stories for kids

Your kids want to choose music by themselves, but they can't read yet? This app is a kid friendly music player with parental controls.

Add tracks from your device or Internet to Toddler's Audio Player, assign images and switch to the child mode. That's it, a super simple player that even a baby can handle is ready!

✔ Pick and play a track by simply tapping on the image associated with it. Another tap on the image pauses the playback.

✔ Enable the app's "child lock" (kiosk mode) and it won't let the kid start another app, make a phone call or change settings.

✔ Limit the maximum volume of each track/folder individually or set a fixed volume that
cannot be changed in the child mode.

✔ A curated catalog of online tracks/radio stations for kids with search and filtering.

Other features:
 ★ Kid friendly user interface with kiosk mode (parental controls)
 ★ Hide playback controls to make the user interface even simpler
 ★ Easily change playback order by dragging & dropping tracks/folders
 ★ Group tracks into folders
 ★ Exit from the child mode with a PIN-code or the fingerprint scanner
 ★ Get images from: Gallery, Camera, web search
 ★ Lockscreen controls
 ★ A few free songs, sounds and a story included
 ★ Auto-pause when the device is not shaken or after a long period of continuous playing
 ★ The app remembers track playback position after a restart
 ★ No Ads!

The free version lets you have 9 folders with 5 tracks in each (thus max 45 tracks). If you need more, please consider upgrading to the Premium version that has no limitations.

The free tracks included with the app are:
 • Songs: "The A.B.C.", "The Finger Family", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
 • Story: "The Gingerbread Man", courtesy of

The app needs the following permissions:

The child lock feature:
- Retrieve/reorder running apps
- Draw over other apps
- Expand/collapse status bar
- Prevent device from sleeping

Audio playback and volume control:
- Control media playback and metadata access
- Change audio settings

Reading tracks from your device and saving images:
- USB storage access
- Manage document storage

Searching and assigning images:
- Full network access
- Camera

Upgrading to Premium:
- In-app purchases

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nice interface, easy to use, my 2 year old can use it and loves it. great customer service.
A Google user
Downloaded for my 19 month grandson to enjoy his songs. Love the adding a picture for each track, a great idea. Bought the premium edition to add more songs. I was going to code my own player but this ticks ...
Craig Scott
Very good app! Some improvement ideas: - Search functionality in adult mode (to be able to find a specific track from a large library) - Show artist name after track name (With current version I had to re...
Janne Käyrä