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About Toddlers Academy Nursery & Preschool

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Key Features:
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**About Toddlers Academy Nursery & Preschool**

Our Mission

To provide your child with a stimulating and creative environment to learn about life, to make friends, to play, and -most importantly- to enjoy our various recreational activities that will progressively develop your child’s personality and built-in abilities.

Our vision :

Every child is special in his / her own way and it is our job to realize the points of strength of your children in order to understand how to approach them. In other words; if a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.

Our Program:

English Is More Than Just ABC

Jolly Phonics:

Jolly Phonics is an enjoyable, multi-sensory way to teach kids how to crack the code of English through introducing all the letter sounds; with an action, song, and storyline for each sound.

This way engages the imagination of young minds; leading to quick and productive learning. Letter sounds, blending & segmenting, identifying sounds in words, learning correct letter formation, and even tricky words.

Themes & Environment:

Teaching with themes is a wonderful way to engage children in the learning process. It has also become an important aspect and trend in second language learning, usually of English language.

A theme-based curriculum model encourages children to form patterns that are based on associating new information with previously-developed mental hooks. Those patterns are the key to learning. Therefore, when all the learning activities are connected around a single monthly-theme, children see how learning is inter-connected.


Due to the dominance of using English as the language of instruction, the rate at which your child learns the language will be improved rapidly. Since our children receive a huge part or all of their regular routine in English, and since they also use English as a medium of communication on a daily basis; their skills of using their second tongue will be developed in a very short period of time.

Mathematics Is More Than Just Counting:

Our kids explore more than one concept of math from counting, number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence to identifying and creating patterns, sorting and classifying objects and mastering colors and shapes.

Montessori Is More Than Just A Technique:

Our main concept is that we provide a stimulating, child-oriented environment in which your child can experience the joy of learning.

This principle develops a well-adjusted person who has a purpose and direction. Children, who experience the joy of learning, are happy, confident, independent and fulfilled. In essence, Montessori helps bring forth the gift of each child.

Opportunities For Social And Emotional Growth:

Early childhood is a time of great opportunity for learning and development. In these early years, children learn through loving, trusting and respectful relationships.

They learn about languages. They learn how to think and interact with others. They learn to be creative and adventurous, and to develop working theories about their world.

Preschool is generally the first chance for interaction inside a community that is outside a child’s family unit; so our task is helping your child make friendships, accept the differences between people through sharing and dealing with emotions, and gain an understanding of the world through stories, games, guest speakers and class trips.

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good nursery 😊😊😊
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One of the best nurseries upon personal experience
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