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About Interlinear Greek Bible

This unique Interlinear Greek-English New Testament is easy to use. It is a new interlinear English translation linked to the Greek text and NOT a published book in the form of an app. Just touch the Greek and it gives the English, or vice versa. Touch again to see all the possible Greek meanings with the correct one(s) in context highlighted. Browse all the meanings. You do not even have to be able to read or pronounce Greek.

The Greek meanings are from the modern and scholarly New Testament Greek-English Lexicon based on Semantic Domains, published by the United Bible Societies. All the Greek meanings are listed in 93 domains or groups of meanings, providing an accurate and precise meaning analysis.

The main editor of this dictionary, Prof Johannes Louw, was also the main translator of the ScriptureDirect Interlinear Translation. He was assisted by Dr Bennie Wolvaardt, Founding President of Veritas College International.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require support. You can reach us here:

Sumple to operate and extremely accurate, since it parses and give the appropiate lexeme, according to the semantic domain.
El Viejo
Ad. M.
Been using this since 2015. Thank you much! What a great help!
Hs May