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About Bosch Smart Gardening

Control your Indego Connect from anywhere in the world! With the Indego Connect models, lawn care has never been more convenient. You can now mow your lawn, from your garden, your sofa, the train or even on holiday! With the Bosch Smart Gardening app, you can start, pause or send Indego to the docking station, set up manual or smart cutting schedules and adjust settings on your mower remotely. With our brand new "SmartMowing" feature, you can even set-up an automatic mowing schedule that considers when it is forecasted to rain, or how fast your grass is growing. Indego will autonomously adapt the cutting schedule accordingly. This gives you total freedom to manage your lawn how ever you wish. This is now available for all Indego connected models e.g. Indego 10C/13C, Indego 1000/1100/1200, Indego 350/400 Connect and Indego S+ 350/400.

Soooo much better than the old app. Quick and responsive.
Kim Fisker