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About AMS Connect

AMS Connect is a HIPAA compliant mobile application for critical and secure text messaging. Enhancing critical messaging workflows AMS Connect also integrates with American Messaging’s suite of critical messaging devices, providing reliable, secure and redundant messaging.

Key Features:
- Send and receive secure text messages in compliance with HIPAA standards.
- Pager Integration – Messages arrive on your pager, smart phone or both for redundancy and convenience.
- Critical Group Messaging – Send a page to a service or group. Adds backup and redundancy to the traditional “hand off” or “pass around” pager with easy opt-in and opt-out of on call pagers at any time.
- Message Forwarding – Let your colleagues know who is covering you when off-duty and have your messages automatically forwarded to that person.
- Availability Status – Set your status to let contacts know if you are available and view the status of others.
- View Care Team – With one tap, view message history regarding a patient and view members of the patient’s entire care team.
- Mobile & Web Accessibility – Access AMS Connect anytime, anywhere via the Android or Web applications with device sync.
- Read Receipts – See exactly if, and when your colleagues have read your messages with receipts.
- Quick Messages & Voice Notes - Quickly send commonly used messages by selecting from a list of pre-populated phrases or create your own.
- Photo & File Share – Safely send photo and file attachments including PDF, Word and Excel documents up to 10MB.
- Archived Messaging History – Messages are automatically preserved and can be archived so you can always find and track notes.
- Searchable Directory – Access a listing of professionals from your organization and message them directly.
- On Call Services – Easily identify the on-call person you need by searching Services to find the specialty or location and contact them directly.
- Urgent Message – Alert your care team to critical information and events by sending an urgent message with a unique tone.
- Individual, Group & Distribution List Messaging – Privately and securely message individuals, teams and other distribution groups.
- Secure External Messaging – (enhanced feature) Send a HIPAA secure message to anyone with a mobile phone. Secure external messages are encrypted conversations between an American Messaging user and an external user with a mobile device. No need to sign up and remember user names and passwords. Just quick, easy secure communication.

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