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About MobiAudit

The ultimate app for mystery shopping or market research fieldwork, MobiAudit™ allows scheduling, survey and data collection for mobile devices. Data can be collected online or offline for mystery shopping, client intercept surveys, exit surveys, targeted marketing surveys, internal audits, and many other types of studies.

MobiAudit™ is deployable to smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, and other handheld devices, and can also be installed on kiosks and other customer interaction terminals to capture feedback at the exact instant when the customer experience is forged.

MobiAudit™ integrates with the Shopmetrics platform to enable your mystery shoppers, auditors, and other field workers to complete their assignments offline, allowing them to cover larger areas and easily and rapidly collect accurate data.

Excellent app! Makes taking the surveys so much easier. I love how you can organize everything by each town/city. Has made things so much faster and easier for me. Very happy I got it on my phone.
Jenny Despot
I love it and thank you
Lenore Pagee
Brings it all together and is so easy to use. Love this app!
Jenny Despot