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About Knitting and Crochet Buddy

Knitting and Crochet Buddy (Knitting Buddy) is an all-in-one knitting and crochet project tracker that allows you to track multiple knitting or crochet projects. Knitting Buddy has a row counter, repeat counter, project timer, notes pages, ruler, a flashlight, and it even displays your knitting pattern on the row counter page (great for lace)! This app was originally developed for knitting, but those who crochet will also find it quite useful.

Knitting Buddy isn't your standard knitting row counter -- it is a true knitting and crochet project tracker. Here are more details about the features of Knitting Buddy:

MULTIPLE PROJECT SUPPORT: No limit to the number of knitting or crochet projects that you can track. Each project has individualized settings.

ROW COUNTER: Track the current row of your knitting or crochet project. The row numbers are displayed nice and big on the main page. Increase (or decrease) the row number by pushing on an actual "button" on a knit background.

REPEAT COUNTER: Track the current repeat row, and optionally link the repeat counter to the row counter. You can specify the number of repeat rows on the project settings page.

DISPLAY PATTERN: Take a screen shot of your knitting pattern and display it on the main project page. This feature is super handy as it eliminates the need to switch between applications or to carry a paper copy of your pattern.

NEEDLE TRACKER / LOG: Track all of your knitting needles. The log displays US, metric, and UK sizes, and allows you to track needle length, material, type, and whether or not the needle is in use.

PROJECT TIMER: Ever wonder how long it actually takes to complete a knitting or crochet project? Use the project timer to track the time it takes to complete each project. Each project has an individual timer that must be manually started/stopped.

RULER: Tired of carrying a separate ruler for to check your tension? Use the ruler feature to make sure that your tension is just right.

NOTES PAGE: Track all of the project's notes, such as yarn, yarn weight, needles, gauge, and other notes. Please email the developer if you have additional items that you would like to track!

GLOBAL and PROJECT SETTINGS: Completely customize your Knitting Buddy experience. The screen can be tailored to according to your preferences, such as showing or hiding features such as repeat rows, knitting pattern, project timer, and project progress.

TRACK PROGRESS: Set the total number of rows for your knitting project, and Knitting Buddy will track your percent complete.

ADD IMAGES / PHOTOGRAPHS: Take pictures of your project at various phases to remember what the project looked like at various stages. Add notes about each image and view the images directly from the app. You can also add screenshots of your patterns that can be viewed from the project page.

FLASHLIGHT: Turn your devices camera into a flashlight to help find difficult stitches.

PRO SUBSCRIPTION: Remove all of the ads from the application and allows you to change the style of your project theme.

CHANGE PROJECT THEME: Change between the standard buttons and more colorful flowers, hearts, and shamrocks.

KNITTING NEEDLE AND CROCHET HOOK SIZE CHARTS: Convert needle sizes between metric, U.S. sizes, and U.K. sizes and crochet hooks between metric, numeric, and letter.

ABBREVIATIONS: Look up abbreviations commonly used in knitting and crochet patterns.

YARN CHARTS: Helpful data to convert different sizes of yarn.

SOCK CHARTS: Common foot sixes for men, women, and children!

Knitting Buddy is now on Ravelry - become one of Knitting Buddy's Buddies at:

English to Dutch Translator: Lara van der Zee

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My very favorite knitting app!
Hope Hoefler
Very good app
A Google user
Love it! Helps me keep track of where I am when I need to take a break. Has a ruler built in so I don't need as many tools on my end table. Just an overall handy software to keep by your side when knitting.
Lynne Morris