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Unleashing the beast in female athletes. Empowering women to reach their fitness objectives with an app-based AI-Coach. Cycle after cycle, training after training, we help women understand their body, what works best for each of them, and finally optimize their decisions with recommendations to reach peak performance.
👉 Get the most out of your training from daily personalized recommendations that adapt to your menstrual cycle.
• Optimize your daily training intensity, duration and recovery.
• Receive macro level adjustments for pre-, intra- and post-training nutrition.
• Mitigate your most common menstrual symptoms.
👉 Learn how your body changes throughout your menstrual cycle and how to train and perform at your best.
• Learn how changes in your body can affect different types of training.
• How protein, carbs and fat can be metabolized differently throughout your cycle.
• Learn the physiological origin of common menstrual symptoms.
👉 See your daily check-in data visualized graphs.
• Track daily energy levels and learn to what degree they are affected by your cycle.
• Identify menstrual cycle patterns in the symptoms you track each day.
• Learn what type of mitigation works best for your menstrual symptoms and patterns.
👉 Train how you want to
• Use the recommendations in WILD to support your existing training.
• Use one of our intermediate training plans for running.
• Sync WILD with your Training Peaks and Garmin accounts.

WILD AI currently supports women who have naturally recurring menstrual cycles. Go to, sign up for our beta, and be among the first to test our menopause, perimenopause and birth control features before they are available in the play store.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is WILD.AI?

WILD.AI is an app-based AI-Coach that empowers female athletes to reach their fitness objectives by providing personalized recommendations based on their menstrual cycle.

What kind of recommendations does WILD.AI provide?

WILD.AI provides daily personalized training recommendations, nutrition adjustments, and mitigation strategies for common menstrual symptoms.

How does WILD.AI help women understand their body?

WILD.AI helps women learn how their body changes throughout their menstrual cycle and how these changes can affect their training and performance.

Can WILD.AI track energy levels and menstrual cycle patterns?

Yes, WILD.AI allows users to track daily energy levels and identify patterns in the symptoms they experience during their menstrual cycle.

Can I use WILD.AI with my existing training routine?

Yes, you can use the recommendations in WILD.AI to support your existing training or choose one of their intermediate training plans for running.

Can I sync WILD.AI with other fitness platforms?

Yes, you can sync WILD.AI with your Training Peaks and Garmin accounts.

Does WILD.AI support women in menopause, perimenopause, and using birth control?

WILD.AI is currently in beta and plans to support women in menopause, perimenopause, and using birth control in the future.