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About Dorian: The Future of Fiction!

Can’t get enough of dating bad boys, vampires and billionaires in your fantasies? You’ll fit right into our creative community of like-minded fiction lovers! Join us on Dorian, the first social storytelling platform that lets you connect directly with talented independent writers all over the world! Play hundreds of interactive dating stories, discuss choices with your friends over a video chat, find Easter Eggs and happy endings hidden by the authors! Discover and support your new favorite author on Dorian!

For a limited time, all content on Dorian is FREE at a 100% DISCOUNT for our first players! Join and invite your friends while it lasts!

⬆️ Download Dorian to support our creators who are 90% female and come from 23 countries!

📚 Select from hundreds of dazzling interactive romantic fiction!

⌛ Play a bite-size story in 5 minutes, or binge-play for hours!

📹 Invite your friends to role-play stories over a live video with you!

📣 Make choices with friends in real-time!

🎙 Be a comic or a drama queen! Surprise your friends by voice-acting your favorite story!

❤️ Love ‘em or hate ‘em? See if your friends like the same love interests as you!

🎭 Make choices, discuss hilarious dating scenarios, solve mysteries -- from the comfort of your home!

Check out some of our exciting new stories, like:

BLOODLUST by Sophie Alice. Your boyfriend has a secret. He’s a vampire, and he’s about to change your life forever. Are you ready?

DREAMLAND by Lia Lopez. Real life’s a drag, but in Dreamland, all your wishes can come true. Which dream will you choose, and will it bring you closer with the love of your life?

THE BILLIONAIRE’S PRICE by Ansela Corsino. After racking up millions of reads, this story is becoming interactive for the first time on Dorian! Control your choices as you get to know your mysterious billionaire boss. What new paths will you unlock?

MY VAMPIRE by Tuesday Cross. You’re a vampire huntress at the top of your game… until you find out your new partner has fangs. Which side will you choose?

Want to learn more about our amazing community and writers?

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Nice app with great stories ❤️👍
Nerdy Writer
This is awesome! Love the concept, keep up the good work ^^
Fanfic Monster
Love it
THIS IS AMAZING! The most important thing is you don't need diamonds for choices! It's hard to find app like this and the stories are great!
Pretty Awesome App!
I loved this app so much, it's enjoyable doing live reading with your friends.. there are plenty of varieties of different stories made by hardworking authors... Looking forward for more progress, good work😊👍
Tara Gupta