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About Mistikist: Mind Re-Programmer

Nowadays, more and more people have difficulty in learning and suffer from mental problems due to the rush of everyday life and events and there are plenty of applications offering solutions to those problems. Creating Mistikist with lots of specially crafted sounds and images in order to change your brain frequencies, insert positive messages into your subconscious mind and help your brain regulate its chemistry so that you can have a better mood, we aim to provide you a long term solution for sleep problems and de-stressing.

Providing these solutions in 3 different languages, we are trying to create an environment where you can experience the beauty & magic of binaural beats and sacred geometry in perfect harmony. Briefly, we are not here to provide you a temporary solution but a permanent and efficient solutions for your everyday life. Our main purpose is to provide you a space where you can enjoy your moment to take a breath and get rid of the daily problems permanently.

What is included in Mistikist?

Binaural Beat Meditations
Scientific studies show that it is possible to entrain the human brain into certain frequencies via binaural beats. As there are 5 different frequencies in the human brain, each one is related to a specific purpose, we provide these 5 frequencies; Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta.

Sacred Geometry
Being used since ancient civilizations, sacred geometry has always been an integral part of peace and comfort in any environment. As human-brain is delighted with the harmony of nature, people feel pretty calm and happy in the places where sacred geometry is being used consciously. Therefore, Mistikist contains plenty of visuals inspired by sacred geometry.

Our Top Features:
Exclusive Binaural Beat & Sacred Geometry contents
Weekly blog posts
Personal Note-taking & voice recording to track your progress
User-friendly and user-oriented interface

Mistikist’s library offers plenty of contents about topics including:
Colors & Sacred Geometry
Change & Courage

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Mistikist?

Mistikist is a mind re-programmer application that aims to provide long-term solutions for sleep problems and stress by changing brain frequencies and inserting positive messages into the subconscious mind.

What does Mistikist include?

Mistikist includes binaural beat meditations with 5 different frequencies (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta) and visuals inspired by sacred geometry.

How does binaural beats work?

Binaural beats work by entraining the human brain into certain frequencies, which can have specific purposes such as relaxation, concentration, and sleep.

Why is sacred geometry included in Mistikist?

Sacred geometry has been used since ancient civilizations to create peace and comfort. Mistikist includes visuals inspired by sacred geometry to provide a calm and happy environment for users.

What are the top features of Mistikist?

The top features of Mistikist include exclusive binaural beat and sacred geometry content, weekly blog posts, personal note-taking and voice recording for progress tracking, and a user-friendly interface.

What topics are covered in Mistikist's library?

Mistikist's library offers contents related to relaxation, concentration, sleep, happiness, anger, self-confidence, motivation, colors, sacred geometry, change, and courage, and self-love.